Steel Wire Rope

  • Main production facility located on the waterfront in the heart of the Port of Rotterdam
  • Office, manufacturing, quay side and warehouse space
  • Additional manufacturing and/or warehouse facilities worldwide
Manufacturing strengths
  • Wire rope slings up to 18”
  • Cable-laid slings from 250 to 7,700 tons CRBL1
  • Cable-laid grommet slings (endless) from 250 to 6,800 CGBL2
  • Manufactured in accordance to international standards such as IMCA M 179; EN 13414-1, 13414-3; ISO 7531

These include: 6- and 8-strand, non-rotating | non-compacted, non-rotating | compacted, stainless steel, swaged forestry ropes and branded special wire ropes.

Flemish eye, a patent of Franklin Offshore also known as a super loop, is a splice that is made from the loose end of a single-laid wire rope. This can be on one or on both sides. The strands of the wire are partially unwound, then a loop is formed and the loose strands are plaited back to form the eye. The eye itself is called a soft eye, when a thimble is placed in the eye it is referred to as a hard eye. With special pressing machines a steel sleeve is pressed around the rope ends. This sleeve serves to keep the rope ends in place. Because of operation in harsh environments e.g. the offshore industry we use steel sleeves of higher quality grades which offer greater resistance to corrosion. The quality of slings can be guaranteed by Proof loading.

At Franklin Offshore our test department can perform on request a proof load with witness test according the test regulations stated by the international rules.

Workshop equipment
  • Hydraulic wire rope swaging presses ranging from 300 up to 3,000 tons
  • Super-loop capacity up to 128 mm
  • Closer for cable-laid rope and sling fabrication up to 18"
  • Testbeds from 800 to 15,000 kN; pull & push
  • Spooling machines taking up to 250 tons unit weight
  • Hydraulic wire rope tensioning machine up to 45 tons back tensioning

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DNV-GL ISO 3834-2
DNV-GL ISO 14001:2015
DNV-GL OHSAS 18001:2007
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