Quayside & Yard Facilities

May 25, 2018

Franklin Offshore Europe B.V. provides 24/7 quayside and logistics support services for the oil and gas exploration and for marine construction companies.
Our premium offshore services include:

Quayside Operations


  • Quayside Mobilization

We can provide total logistics support on short/long-term projects. The combination of experience, expertise and investments in the facility cranes, operational plant and personnel provide the total package which results in operating quickly, efficiently and cost saving.

  • Fabrication Services

Our fabrication department can fabricate all kind of constructions and/or lifting equipment like spreaders, lifting beams, link/tri plates, etc. Also modifications or repairs from existing constructions, lifting beams and/or spreaders are often performed.  All constructions can be made on client request and can afterwards be placed from our quayside on to the vessel.

  • Spooling Jobs

We operate a large fleet of hydraulic spooling winches used in the removal and installation of steel wire ropes. Our multi-purpose spooling units can accommodate variety of reel sizes, dimensions and weights.

  • Testing and inspection services

Performing maintenance inspections (visual / MPI) and equipment certification on-site or at our yard. Approved products receive a proof (re-) certification or an inspection report.


Storage facilities
Logistics transportation
Office, warehousing and yard rental

With these different services we can provide, we can cater to our client needs and be the one stop shop they need. The benefits of having all these services at one location are: saving money, experiencing the versatility and the convenience of one point of contact.


Overview of our Quayside / Yard Capabilities:




Quayside 1
Length228 meter
Waterdepth10.5 meter (harbor depth)
Mooring8x 100t bollards
Quayside 2
Length112 meter
Waterdepth8.5 meter
Mooring3x 60t bollards
Open and sheltered storage yard60.000 m²
Our facility is ISPS certified. If needed, we can provide additional local ISPS ship entrance security.

Are you interested in renting a place at our quayside? Or is your preference renting space in our warehouse? Just contact us for the possibilities, our team is ready for all your questions.




At Franklin Offshore Europe we implemented management systems to assure excellence in every aspect of the services to our customers. This means certification in quality of our products and services, as well as environment, health & safety.

DNV ISO 9001:2015
DNV ISO 14001:2015
DNV ISO 45001:2018
(Health & Safety)

We work with the world's best classification societies

For other class societies, please contact us