RI&E reviewed by Aboma bv

February 14, 2018

We are committed to safe and healthy workplaces, every day, everywhere. Our industry is very dynamic; we have people welding, lifting, inspecting, installing, building and spooling. Often all at the same time. Because of these varied activities, various occupational risks also arise. These risks are mentioned in our RI&E (risk inventory & evaluation).

Last week we invited Aboma to have our current RI&E and corresponding plan of action reviewed. This review was carried out by HVK expert José M. Mari Wesker, for which we would like to thank him.

The purpose of this review was to establish if priority risks are included in the RI&E, that occupational risks are included, complete and up to date and that the measures have been drawn up in accordance with the industrial hygiene strategy.

Afterwards a report with recommendations has been drawn up which we, as an organization, will respond to in order to optimally manage our risks.


At Franklin Offshore Europe we implemented management systems to assure excellence in every aspect of the services to our customers. This means certification in quality of our products and services, as well as environment, health & safety.

DNV ISO 9001:2015
DNV ISO 14001:2015
DNV ISO 45001:2018
(Health & Safety)

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