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“Godzilla” Cable laid sling project

Franklin Singapore formerly produced cable laid slings that have been called “Anaconda Slings”. These slings have a length of 177.67 meters x diameter 385 mm.

Franklin Offshore Europe received an enquiry from their client Heerema to produce 4 pieces of cable laid slings in long length and diameter.

The four offered slings did not have the long length (2x 105.106 & 104.006 meters) but the diameter of 418 mm. Together with this the capacity increased quite a lot (5490 mT and diameter 418 mm).

As these slings with high capacity and lengths haven’t been produced at our Franklin Europe base yet, our client Heerema asked whether we would be able to manufacture these.


After several meetings we convinced our client Heerema that we have the expertise / skills to produce these high capacity slings with the same techniques and expertise as our head office in Singapore could.

When the order granted to Franklin Offshore Europe, we thought it was nice to baptize these slings “Godzilla slings”. The slings were about to be used to the Aibel Inshore lifting project in Norway.


One of the great achievements we had on this order is that the guideline (IMCA M179) speaks of an allowance/tolerance in length of +/- 1.5 x dia and on top of this length difference in matched set (of which they were) of 0.5 x dia.


Franklin met the tolerance of:

Nominal stated length 2x 104.006 mm

Actual lengths: 104.070 & 104.110 = biggest difference of 10.04 cm, allowed is max of: 62.7 cm.

Nominal stated length 2x 105.106 mm

  • Actual lengths: 105.075 & 105.050 = biggest difference of 5.6 cm, allowed is max of: 62.7 cm.
  • Lengths have been measured under 3% CSBL (calculated sling breaking load) of 5490 mT = 226 T.


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